We Make
Great Ideas Happen

Impact Launchpad is an ecosystem of interconnected partnerships and alliances designed to support the finance and development of 10's of 1000's of projects. It’s global resources, relationships, and finance structures are all geared to empowering the rapid expansion of impact finance.

Walk Through of Ideation

Project Development

Impact Launchpad supports and develops projects from the seed stage to launch and even of a temporary response nature, as we have during the Covid Crisis.

Our opportunities, both profit and non profit, often come about by a development framework that works  for taking ideas, and turning them into tangibility.  In clear, well-documented stages, we help social entrepreneurs and businesses flesh out and format their solutions into a workable strategy. We also get them validated and tested by their audience, and finally, to bring their prototype or 1st entry into use.

Impact Launchpad

Valuation / Deal Structure

Viable  developed projects are provided assistance with valuation based funding and investor messaging strategy designed to enhance and preserve equity value using an innovative array of tools, resources, and high level introductions.

Strategic Partnership

Acquisition Strategy

Our network of companies and projects often have unrealized opportunities for growth by acquisition, sometimes even enhancing existing share value and improving cash flow. Our research, due diligence, and deal structure methodology help realize those opportunities.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

The most important of our resources is trust. Impact Launchpad brings a due diligence framework, that includes a package of intellectual property with more than 200 criteria, challenge frames, and metrics used to ensure the viability of the companies we develop.

In some cases, we also employ these same resources professionally as 3rd party due diligence review for projects we are not otherwise affiliated with.