We Make
Great Ideas Happen

A good deal of the founders and projects that come to us are looking to raise capital. They are our passion. As social impact producers with over 70 years of experience among us, we love to make ideas and companies happen. Raising capital is obviously important. That is why we want to see it made much easier for startup impact producers and investors like us to raise money and collaborate with more founders and innovators from an ownerless social impact bank we are proposing for the world. We believe we have enough agreement to make that result happen by the end of 2024. (So, yes, we are also project founders ourselves. We know the game.)

For now, we live in a startup venture world that is no different than any other startup scene and it is governed similarly. There are a good deal of resources needed for success besides money, and the investor capital a founder is looking for will rarely materialize if those are not in order. We bring an investor point of view and focus to materials, messaging, and story. We help founders identify assets, partnerships and alliances, that can broaden reach, influence and overall value. We are the place to go to produce a version of you and your project that is not just able to successfully raise money, but which is especially scalable as well. That is what investors want to see, not just an innovation or a good idea.

We take on projects on a contract, equity, and even pro bono basis. To be considered, contact us.

Walk Through of Ideation

Ideation and Development

We develop projects from the idea (pre seed) and development (seed) stages to series scale.

In clear, well-documented stages, we help social entrepreneurs and businesses flesh out and format their ideas and solutions into sustainable and scalable strategy.

Impact Launchpad

Valuation / Deal Structure

Viable  developed projects are provided assistance with valuation based funding and investor messaging strategy designed to enhance and preserve equity  using an innovative array of tools, resources, and high level introductions.

Strategic Partnership

Acquisition Strategy

Our network of companies and projects often have unrealized opportunities for growth by acquisition, sometimes even enhancing existing share value and improving cash flow. Our research, due diligence, and deal structure methodology help realize those opportunities.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

The most important of our resources is trust. Impact Launchpad brings a due diligence framework, that includes a package of intellectual property with more than 200 criteria, challenge frames, and metrics used to ensure the viability of the companies we develop.

In some cases, we also employ these same resources professionally as 3rd party due diligence review for projects we are not otherwise affiliated with.