Portected by
the Global Impact Deposit Insurance Corporation

Our primary goal objective

Is to overhaul the way impact projects are funded. As we face a $3.5 Trillion deficit, we see a new impact savings system, built on an ownerless global impact bank , as the way to unleash locked up capital and put it to work in sustainable impact. We will support the launch of its  bond series in a combined private/public scheme of partnerships that can ensure risk protections and provide safety for small investors.  

Global Impact Survival Bond

We will establish 100 Impact Centers, in 100 Cities, in a network of 100 Leaders, over 10 years, using the finance platform of the Global Impact Survival Bond issue. This will result in over 50,000 social impact projects funded overall. The total will be $100 Billion raised, with more than 500 projects incubated in each center.

100 centers

Our own goal deployments

Will still not be #enough to meet our sustainable development goals. Humanity will need 70 times more investment than we, at Impact Launchpad, expect to be responsible for.

To meet the rest, we will establish our model in an open access format in which our "competitors" (fellow impact players) can replicate our models, and help us to collaboratively meet the overall goal of making the world work for 100% of humanity.

IsThereEnough logo

#IsThereEnough, a registered 501(c)(3) non profit, is a global campaign for social justice and economic inclusion, supported by Impact Launchpad, which is the basis for an historic effort to create an international legal standard of humanity known as The Fuller Treaty of Humanity. It will be launched in 2023 and is structured to be digitally signed by 100 Million people resulting in a new kind of NFT.

This is the first treaty in history to be formally signed by sovereign individuals, and not by nations. This accomplishment, and the incremental efforts towards it, form a key element of our argument for a Global Impact Survival Bond program.